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​ If you want to aim for the top in the world of athletes, it is natural to have strong physical strength and advanced skills. Only with something else can you stand out from the crowd. I think that the root of that is "how to think?" By thinking more effectively, we help you improve your communication, practice, tactics, and problem-solving to dramatically improve your performance.

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Back when I was playing tennis. Lose the game, reflect, practice hard, and go to the game again. But I lost again at the same place. I've been repeating this for years. One day, I had the good fortune to learn how to think properly. I thought, "I can use this!", so I immediately tried to analyze what was wrong with my tennis. I found the problem in a funny way. He also won his first prize in the competition. At that time, I was already over 30 years old.


After that, I asked my doubles partner to try the same method. I was able to get results here and win prizes. I used it for teaching a high school tennis club. Even here, as an advisor and director, I saw a rapid growth that is said to be "the trajectory since the founding of the department 35 years ago." From there, it spread to other sports, not just tennis. I have had the privilege of coaching Olympic athletes in volleyball and rowing. Also, tennis players were blessed with the opportunity to coach world rankers. In two and a half years, the world ranking has risen from 908th (August 2016) to 445th (2018 year-end ranking), and it is now possible to register as a player on the world's highest peak WTA tour. Kazuo Hanatani (far right in the photo below)

​Why are you getting such results? That's because you get weapons that most players don't have. That's the way to "think right". I think there is more or less a difference between the original ability and the ability that can be shown in a match. The difference will be bigger if you have troubles or are not good at organizing your feelings. If you learn how to think properly, you can reduce this gap and you will be able to show your true strength in the game.

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“What is different from the tennis instruction I received elsewhere is that basically it is only exchanged by e-mail. This interaction is unexpectedly a valuable time for me to relax and concentrate, and it is a presence that guides me to keep my mind calm and my head fully utilized.

In this tutorial, we will make use of the tools provided by various perspectives. This made me realize that even though I thought I understood it, it was a vague idea. For example, I noticed that the review of the day may not be utilized in the next action. Also, I realized the benefits of being able to input into my head by properly understanding.

As I continued training, my life itself, including practices and games, became more fulfilling. I think the biggest factor is that my mental ups and downs have decreased. I have become able to concentrate on what I need to do - to review and take action based on what I have learned - and have the mentality to work on it. 』

Nagi Hanatani, professional tennis player




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